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The Hosts

Bad Men, Bad Takes was born in Australia prior to the 2021 NBA season. After meeting while playing pick-up ball in Perth, Western Australia, three hosts remain in Perth, with one now in Adelaide, South Australia.


With a diverse range of backgrounds and life experiences behind each host of the show, you can be sure to find an opinion you agree (and disagree!) with that you simply won't find anywhere else!

Check out these definitely not posed and pre-prepared bio's!

Rob Beaver
Hunter Dwyer

The Captain! A long suffering Clippers fan who steadies the podcast ship. Not prone to outbursts of rage but also not afraid to let his frustrations show, Rob anchors the show and keeps it rolling. Also writes most of the articles for the website!

You've never met a guy quite like Hunter. A die-hard Rockets fan who keeps the Suns as a side-piece, Hunter loves James Harden and often refers to his highlight packages as ' the happy part of YouTube'. Loves a beer and a hot take, usually one after the other!


Rafe Bonini

A tenured Hornets fan who never saw a shot he thought he couldn't make, Rafe is quick witted and not afraid to disagree with everyone else. Even if his take is outlandish, he'll fight tooth and nail to prove why he's right. Loves a shout-out!

Ben Guy

The Whitest Guy on the Blacktop! A Nuggets fan and a lefty who steps in at well over 6ft tall, Ben refuses to acknowledge that just maybe, Carmelo Anthony is passed his prime. A softly spoken member of the team who doesn't like to re-invent the wheel!

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