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2021/2022 Award Predictions (And More!)

Bad Men, Bad Takes – Season 1, Episode 27

With the NBA regular season less than 100 hours away (but who’s counting!), the BMBT office put their collective minds together to try and predict what fans might see during the 2021/2022 NBA season!

Predictions ranged from traditional questions such as who will win the upcoming MVP Award and who will take home Larry when its all said and done, to more left-field queries such as who will have the most four-point-plays!

One question that delivered particularly hilarious answers was who will have the dunk of the year, and who will be on the poster!

“I’ve got Ja Morant dunking on former teammate Jonas Valanciunas”, said Ben. “In a twist of fate, it’ll be off a strong pick by Steven Adams, the man he was traded for!”

Could Ja Morant take home dunk of the year by rising over former teammate Jonas Valanciunas? Credit: SB Nation

Listen to the full show podcast to hear the BMBT squad’s predictions for all of the major awards, plus All-Star Game MVP, the highest individual game scorer, dunk of the year and most four-point-plays, as well as why the team want to get #HurdleThePoeltl trending, Rafe’s deep dive into ‘the happy part of YouTube’, whether Sengun’s nickname should be ‘The Castaway’ or ‘The Kebab Shop Boy’, why Larry Nance’s dad will disown him and more!

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