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Golden State Warriors 2021/2022 Season Preview – Return of The Over-Lords?

Bad Men, Bad Takes – Season 1, Episode 21

The Golden State Warriors have been a step shy of being a genuine contender in the Western Conference since Klay Thompson suffered consecutive long-term injuries, but with the sharp-shooter looming as returning during the season, hopes are once again high for the team that revolutionised the way the game is played less than a decade ago.

While Klay’s injuries are a concern and there were some questions raised about whether he would be the Klay fans remember, Rob seems to be optimistic about the impact the Championship guard can have.

“Klay’s game was never based on superior athleticism”, he said. “This is a guy who broke the three point field goals in a game record (14) and only took five dribbles for the entire game”.

“He’s a catch-and-shoot guy and that will not leave him. The only potential issue is on the defensive end, but he still elevates the ceiling of this team even if the defense isn’t there when he returns”.

Does Klay Thompson’s return elevate the Warriors back into the elite teams in the Western Conference? Credit: CBS Sport

As for the rest of the Warriors squad, the BMBT office believes that the team will once again push into the upper echelon of the Western Conference on the back of continued Superstar brilliance from Steph Curry and a version of Draymond Green that looms as getting back to his best this season.

“You could see Draymond mailing it in at times last season”, Hunter said.

“He brought it in the last few weeks of the season and in the play-in games, but otherwise he was coasting. I believe with something to play for this season and the expectations high once again, he will elevate his game”.

Listen to the full show podcast to hear where the BMBT team believe the Warriors will finish in the Western Conference, whether James Wiseman will get another chance to start, Rob’s thoughts on Andrew Wiggins’ initial hesitance to be vaccinated against Covid-19, the impact Jonathan Kuminga and Otto Porter Jr can have and more!

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