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Houston Rockets 2021/2022 Season Preview – Houston, We have a Problem

Bad Men, Bad Takes – Season 1, Episode 26

The Rockets project as being one of the worst teams in the NBA this season, in large part due to a massive roster overhaul during last season and their young talent not being ready to help propel the team up the standings.

If you ask BMBT’s resident Houston fan Hunter though, he’ll tell you there is more than enough reasons to watch this team despite the lack of win’s they’ll likely tally.

“Are you telling me this team isn’t better than the Spurs or Oklahoma?”, he said. “This team has Jalen Green – a guy who is going to take home Rookie of The Year. This team has Kevin Porter Jr, a guy who dropped 50 last season even when everyone said he couldn’t be helped. This is a better team than people think”.

Kevin Porter Jr is one reason BMBT’s resident Rockets fan, hunter, is excited about this season. Credit: Sporting News

Despite Hunter’s enthusiasm and optimism, Rob and Ben remained steadfast in their view that watching Rockets game this season will be a grind.

“I’m watching these games in the pre-season, and maybe it’s because the team is young and haven’t had much time together, but Silas’ offensive scheme kind of look snon-existant”, said Rob.

“It’s as if the scheme is let Porter Jr and Green try to isolate and penetrate for 18 seconds, then if that doesn’t work, find (Christian) Wood and let him try to score. That’s it”, Ben agreed.

Listen to the full show podcast to hear what fans can look forward to this season, the role Coach Silas will play off the court for the young team, Jalen Green’s potential, whether Eric Gordon is a trade chip and Hunter recklessly speculates on how the team will get seven(!) of their wins this season!

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