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Los Angeles Clippers 2021/2022 Season Preview – Paul George or Bust

Bad Men, Bad Takes – Season 1, Episode 19

“This team goes as far as Paul George takes them. It starts and stops with him this season”.

Those were the words of resident Clippers fan Rob when asked what the Clippers ceiling is coming into the new season, and they were largely unanimous around the BMBT office.

Los Angeles’ ‘other team’ enters the season with an unclear picture of how the pieces come together to cover the loss of their best player in Leonard, as well as whether he will be around if, and when, they return to the post-season.

When the team discussed where the play-making help for Paul George comes from, there were multiple answers, some of which were a little left field.

According to resident Clippers fan Rob, the team will go as far as Paul George takes them this season. Credit: Getty Images

“If they absolutely need help in that area, Justise Winslow is a guy who can actually play make a bit”, Rafe said.

“He did it in Miami for a couple of seasons and averaged over four assists per game with a good assist-to-turnover ratio”.

Rob proposed that sharp-shooter Luke Kennard, who is entering his second season with the Clippers and his first on his contract extension signed prior to last season, would also be an option.

“We know he can shoot, but the guy is a lefty and has a very smooth handle. I believe his ability to potentially play-make for others was one of the reasons why the Clippers wanted to get him from Detroit and I can see him taking a big step. He could become a guy who can initiate the offense and give George a chop out”.

There were mixed opinions on just how far the Clippers could go this season, though with George and Ty Lue in place, the entire squad believed they were in good hands.

“I think Lue was ballsy enough to make adjustments that Doc Rivers wouldn’t have”, Hunter said. “He completely out-coached Quinn Snyder in the second round last season, which is funny because Snyder is known as a great tactician”.

Listen to the full show podcast to hear where the team believe the Clippers’ ceiling is, the impact Serge Ibaka can have upon his return from back surgery, whether Eric Bledsoe will start and more!

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