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Los Angeles Lakers 2021/2022 Season Preview – One Season Only

Bad Men, Bad Takes – Season 1, Episode 14

There have been many attempts through history to revive things that were once at the top of their respective fields.

Beit Movies, TV shows and even the biggest #1 hits from yesteryear.

According to the BMBT office, this is the vibe they get from this coming season’s Lakers roster. A heap of players who were once at the top of their respective games in the NBA have come together in the ultimate “One Season Only” reunion special.

“This is a team that would’ve been amazing in 2010, but it’s been made in 2021”, Rob said.

“You’re putting a lot on some older guys to carry the load with this team because I truly believe LeBron and Anthony Davis will have to rest games to get through the season”.

Ben agreed, stating “they are in an all-or-nothing build right now. Most of the team is very old. The supporting cast has to play a hell of a season if they are to win the Championship”.

LeBron James (left) and Anthony Davis (right) will lead an aging list into this season. Credit: Mark J. Rebilas/USA Today Sports, via Reuters

Hunter doubled-down on the fact the age profile of this list is a worry, believing it severely limits their Championship window.

“They’ve got this season to win with this squad. It’s a very small window”, he said.

As for key off-season acquisition Russell Westbrook, Hunter believes the All-Star guard will continue the pattern he’s seen emerge in recent years.

“They got Russ to be a regular season player. He’ll be average to start the year, start playing well in January and then when the Play-Offs come around, he’ll go back to the Westbrook we all know him to be”, he said.

Will much of the Lakers regular season success be based on Westbrook’s impact? Credit: Sky Sports

Rob disagreed however, stating Westbrook still has a lot to give.

“I think what he brings far outweighs the negatives. Some people disagree with that, but I stand firm with that belief”.

Listen to the full show podcast to hear where the team believe the Lakers will finish in the Western Conference, the impact Carmelo Anthony will have, their thoughts on players taking the minimum to play for contenders fresh off their rookie deals, whether Rob is sleeping on M*A*S*H and Ben’s surprise at his cats accommodation for his next holiday!

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