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Memphis Grizzlies 2021/2022 Season Preview: Adjusting the Timeline

Bad Men, Bad Takes – Season 1, Episode 16

After an impressive showing to qualify for the first round via the Play-In Tournament last season, the Grizzlies were ultimately bounced by the Utah Jazz in five games – a result Rob believes lead to the off-season decision to trade Jonas Valanciunas

Opening the podcast, Rob declared the Grizzlies were ahead of their timeline to their own detriment last season, with Valaciunas a key reason why.

“I think that’s one of the reasons they moved on from Valanciunas. He was helping them win a lot of games by being a defensive presence and rebounding at such a high rate”.

Ben said the team jumped ahead a little bit in his mind as well, adding that ‘the young guys on this team still need time to develop and grow into the players they need to become to take this team forward”.

Another of the key talking points for the BMBT squad was the return of Jaren Jackson Jr (JJJ), who has been injury plagued throughout his young career. Despite this, the team all remained high on his potential.

Jaren Jackson Jr looms as the long-term cornerstone for the Grizzlies, along with Ja Morant. Credit: Justin Ford – USA TODAY Sports

“He has all the potential in the world but has been cruelled by injury. I think he still has deficiencies when it comes to areas like rebounding, but guess what? Steven Adams can rebound. I think they know JJJ is the other cornerstone of their future with Ja Morant”, Hunter said.

Rob was also eager to see Jackson reach his potential, stating he’s a “massive believer in JJJ. If he gets his body right, he could be absolutely anything”.

Listen to the full show podcast to hear where the BMBT squad believe the Grizzlies will finish in the West, what Ja Morant needs to improve in his game, what Steven Adams can bring and Hunter’s latest run in with Australia Post!

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