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Milwaukee Bucks 2021/2022 Season Preview – Can They Climb the Mountain Again?

Bad Men, Bad Takes – Season 1, Episode 11

Milwaukee broke a Championship drought of 50 years by taking home Larry last season in impressive fashion, effectively sweeping the Suns after dropping the first two games of the series.

Whether they can go back-to-back this season behind Giannis Antetokounmpo and company remains to be seen, with the BMBT squad believing the team is probably better than anyone in the Western Conference, but wondering whether they will even advance out of their own conference again.

“I think the talent is undoubtedly there, but they need a few lucky breaks again this season to get back to the Finals”, Rob said, with Hunter adding “injuries always happen – if another injury occurs to the Nets, they could definitely win the Championship again”.

Rafe put the pressure firmly on Giannis, citing the potential improvement in his game as the deciding factor in whether the Bucks can reach the Finals again.

“There is space for him to improve again (with his free-throw and three-point shooting), and if he can do that, he could well lead them to another title”, he said.

Can Giannis lead the Bucks to back-to-back Championships? Credit: Associated Press

While the team has remained relatively quiet during the off-season, one acquisition that intrigued BMBT was Grayson Allen, especially with Donte DiVincenzo set to return from injury.

The team were mixed on which of the young guards was the better player. But were all curious about the sharing of minutes at SG spot going forward, with Hunter giving his vote to Allen.

“I hope Grayson gets a look in at the start – I think he has potential”.

Donte DiVincenzo’s spot in Milwaukee’s starting line-up may be in jeopardy with the arrival of Grayson Allen. Credit:

Ben took a more conservative approach however, saying he believed DiVincenzo would still be in the box seat once healthy.

“I think they’ll roll with DiVincenzo once he’s back – I think he is more trusted in that system”.

Listen to the full show podcast to hear where the BMBT team believe the Bucks will finish this season, another eulogy to PJ Tucker, which player was described as ‘Machoke in a green jersey’ and the team breaking down Hunter’s LinkedIn profile!

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