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Minnesota Timberwolves 2021/2022 Season Preview: One More Season?

Bad Men, Bad Takes – Season 1, Episode 15

Another failure of a season makes way for a new page of optimism in the Twin Cities, with a new Head Coach and the hope that this is the campaign that can take them back to the Playoffs.

Have the wheels fallen off before it’s begun though? Maybe.

The BMBT team are perplexed by some of the off-season moves and despite the many positives that could’ve been spoken about with this team, the question on the lips of the squad was when will franchise corner-stone Karl-Anthony Towns (KAT) ask out of Minnesota.

“I think KG (Kevin Garnett) has been on record as saying he wished he got out (of Minnesota) earlier. I don’t think KAT will ask out, but I also believe he should’ve already”, Rob said.

If, and when, Karl-Anthony Towns will ask out of the Timberwolves remains a point of contention in the BMBT office. Credit:

Ben doubled down on the fact Towns’ talent is being wasted on the Wolves, adding “from a career and winning perspective, he should’ve asked out three seasons ago”.

Those thoughts notwithstanding, Minnesota has made a few small personnel moves that could potentially have a large impact on the court, one of which is veteran guard Patrick Beverley who was acquired via trade from the LA Clippers via Memphis.

Rob was very high on the impact Beverley can have on the Wolves squad, saying “Pat Bev will be good for them. I think they need a guy who will come in and say ‘this is the bar, if you don’t meet it, piss off’ and they haven’t had one since Jimmy Butler left”.

BMBT believe veteran Guard Patrick Beverley will be tasked with re-setting the standard in Minnesota for this season. Credit: Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports

He also added that while there was a ceiling on what Beverley can do as an individual player to help a team get wins, his impact on the squad will likely be greater than the sum of his skills as a basketball player.

“The heart is there. The commitment to the team is there. He does the dirty work so others can shine and hopefully for this team, it’s infectious and leads to wins”.

Hunter also believed Beverley could have a positive impact, declaring “he will hold guys accountable. He’s also a habitual line-stepper and a f****** menace and I think this is what this team needs”.

Listen to the full show podcast to hear where the BMBT squad believes the Wolves will finish this season, plus why on earth the Wolves hired Chris Finch as their head coach, Anthony Edwards expectations, and a sacrilegious start to the podcast!

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