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Orlando Magic, Cleveland Cavaliers, Toronto Raptors and Indiana Pacers 2021/2022 Season Previews &#8

Bad Men, Bad Takes – Season 1, Episode 12

On a very special edition of BMBT, the squad did Rapid Fire previews for the Orlando Magic, Cleveland Cavaliers, Toronto Raptors and Indiana Pacers as part of their lead in to the 2021/2022 NBA season!

Speaking about Orlando, Hunter believes fans could be in for a grim year.

“Orlando can expect a lot of losses this year, but also expect some of the young guys’ skill set evolves”, with Ben adding “I don’t think Magic fans are concerned with winning this season – it should be good fun to see the young guys be given free reign to go and develop”.

Rob was more intrigued by Gary Harris’ potential as a trade chip as the season goes on, believing someone will roll the dice around the trade deadline.

“I think Gary Harris has value on the open market if they continue down this road of embracing a full rebuild. You’ve re-signed Fultz, drafted Suggs, and still have a lot of young guards on this roster. I think there is a team willing to take a flier on him and throw a late first round pick at Orlando for him”.

Rob believes Gary Harris looms as a trade chip if Orlando lean fully into a rebuild. Credit: Orlando Sentinel.

The squad was divided when it came to the Cavaliers, with the talk around the ‘SexLand’ back-court dominating the discussion.

Hunter wasted no time letting his feeling be known, stating Garland is the obvious choice to keep long term.

“Cards on the table, I don’t like Sexton. I don’t think Sexton play-makes enough – he can play make, but chooses not to. That’s why I’d take Garland”.

Ben also believed Garland was the one to keep long term, citing his all-around game as the reason why.

“I think Darius Garland going forward has a lot more pieces to his game that make him a better fit”.

Rob was the only member of the team who backed in Sexton, saying “I think it’s too early to give up on either of these young guards, but I’d be holding onto Sexton if I had to decide right now. I like the intensity he plays with”.

Sexton or Garland? The topic dominated the discussion about the Cavaliers. Credit: Cavaliers Nation

Once the squad headed north over the border, things got pretty bleak, with none of the team seeing an improved season from the Raptors now that Kyle Lowry is gone.

Fred VanVleet looms as one of the keys to this team, but Rob sees one fundamental flaw in his game.

“I love VanVleet as a player, but he doesn’t equate to W’s”, he said.

Hunter agreed that things might be lean in Toronto this year in the win columb, saying “Siakam is the best player on this team. I want to like VanVleet but as a plan B for your team, he’s just not good enough”.

Is Fred VanVleet’s game good enough to help stack up wins for Toronto? Credit: Stephen M. Dowel/Getty Images

Finally, the team landed in Indiana, where TJ Warren looms as missing significant time while recovering from an injury sustained last season.

When asked what this does to the ceiling of this Pacers team, Hunter was not complimentary to the forward, saying people over-rate his impact on the court.

“He’s not an All-Star – I don’t think we’re going to see a difference without him there”.

Will TJ Warren’s absence impact the Pacers win totals? Credit: Getty Image

Listen to the full show podcast to hear BMBT’s overall predictions for the Magic, Cavaliers, Raptors and Pacers as well as who is doing the tank job right, the Rick Carlisle effect on Indiana, Siakam’s return from injury and more!

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