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Philadelphia 76ers 2021/2022 Season Preview – Waiting on Big Ben

Bad Men, Bad Takes – Season 1, Episode 3

The version of the Philadelphia 76ers we see this season will largely depend on what the franchise does with guard Ben Simmons – and until we know that, there are questions around the team that simply can’t be answered.

The problem, most of the pod believes, is that the Sixers will hang onto him to re-establish his trade value before eventually pulling the trigger on whatever deal they find.

“As much as people are throwing shade his way, and he was bad in the post-season, I’m still way higher on Simmons than a lot of other people”, Ben said.

Ben Simmons’ poor performance in the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals has him on the trade block, but how many genuine offers have the Sixers received? Credit: Matt Slocum – Associated Press

There were also question raised regarding Elton Brand’s management, and the decision to sign Tobias Harris to a max contract following his acquisition via trade during the 2018-19 season.

“Harris is the highest paid player on the roster coming into the season, despite being objectively their third best player”, Rob argued.

“At best, he’s a Kris Middleton type, but ultimately, I think we would all take Middleton over Harris as a secondary scorer if we wanted to genuinely compete for a ring” he added, citing Harris’ inability to create his own shot off the dribble consistently as a primary reason why.

Tobias Harris enters the season as the highest paid 76er, despite the podcast believing he’s a third option at best on the team. Credit: Elsa – Getty Images

Daryl Morey will likely need to get creative around the fringes of this roster, as well as hold out to get value back in any Simmons deal, if the Sixers are to make a deeper run into the post-season than they did last year.

Listen to the full show podcast to hear our predictions for this season, whether Joel Embiid needs to take responsibility and stop placing blame on his teammates, is Doc Rivers just a regular season coach, as well as how Rob worked Ricky Rubio into the conversation!

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