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Phoenix Suns 2021/2022 Season Preview – Where Will The Sun Set?

Bad Men, Bad Takes – Season 1, Episode 18

The Phoenix Suns had a steady off-season. While the signature of Chris Paul on a long-term deal was the biggest prize on offer, they also made some shrewd moves on the peripheral which some in the BMBT office believe will propel them back to the NBA Finals.

Hunter is by far the biggest believer in the Suns heading into the season, labelling them as the best team in the Western Conference.

“This is one of the most complete rosters you will ever see”, he said, adding “it’s been a great off-season for them”.

Rafe stopped short of labelling them as the best team in the West though, saying “it’s going to be a tough season for them now that they have a target on their back”.

“I’d put them on the same level as a team like Denver – I think they are in the second tier of teams in the West. Without other teams suffering injuries, I don’t think they make it back to the same heights as last season”.

Are concerns about Chris Paul’s age overblown and can he lead the Suns back to the Finals? Credit: USA TODAY Sport

One of the concerns Rob raised was the age and injury history of Chris Paul, who enters the new campaign at 35 years of age.

“You want to have him ready for the post-season”, he said. “I’d hope the Suns would drop his minutes during the regular season to try and get him through to the playoffs. They have guys on this team who can pick up the slack as a play-makers including Booker and Cameron Payne”.

While Ben shared concerns about Paul’s age, stating father time eventually slows all great players down, he remained optimistic about Paul’s production coming into the season due to his style of game.

“He’s shown us he can have seasons where he doesn’t suffer major injuries, and a lot of the skills he’s being paid for don’t diminish with age. You don’t need athleticism to play-make and his jump shot won’t ever go away. I think he’ll be just fine”.

Listen to the full show podcast to hear where the BMBT team believe the Suns will finish the season, whether fans should be concerned about Devin Booker’s unknown Covid-19 vaccination status, how good Cameron Johnson could be, which player’s floor is ‘a better Kawhi Leonard’ as well as some quick mathematics (three is worth more than two!).

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