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Phoenix Suns 2022/2023 Season Preview

The Suns finished last season with the best record in the league at 64-18, but ultimately fell short in the Playoffs, going down to Dallas in seven games after suffering what can only be described as an embarrassing defeat. They come back looking to make a means for not only that game seven performance, but a missed opportunity to give Chris Paul the Championship so many believe he deserves.

In an attempt to do that, the Suns front office eventually signed De’Andre Ayton to a long-term extension after months of posturing. The team also signed Jock Landale, Damion Lee and Josh Okogie to contract to name a few, while signing an extension with Devin Booker and signing Bismack Biyombo and Ish Wainright as free agents.

The losses from the off-season are pretty minimal, with only depth guards in Aaron Holiday and Elfrid Payton, as well as back-up big JaVale McGee making tracks for new homes.

Is this season Chris Paul's last chance to win a Championship? Credit: Forbes

There are two big questions that I’ll be keen to see the answers to this season. Whether Chris Paul’s disappearance in the playoffs is a sign that father time is finally catching up with him, and whether the franchise delaying offering Ayton an extension will manifest itself in any way on the court.

Everyone saw the drama around Monty Williams and Ayton during the playoffs when Ayton spent extended periods on the bench in key moments, and although he can’t be traded until after the New Year, I’ll be interested to see if winning can cover all lingering issues that might remain. As for Paul, I’ve been waiting for his decline for a number of years (no, I’m not HOPING for it, just waiting) and thus far he’s been able to laugh off father time. As he enters this season at 37 years old, will his play begin to decline as the season wears on, or will his basketball IQ keep him able to contribute on a nightly basis?

There is no doubt the Suns are poised to once again be one of the best teams in the association. Their Playoff failure last season is hopefully (for their sake) not a sign of things to come, but with their level of talent and continuity, they should once again be preparing for action deep into the post-season.

Ceiling: 1st seed

Floor: 6th seed

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