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Sacramento Kings, San Antonio Spurs and Oklahoma City Thunder 2021/2022 Season Preview – A mix

Bad Men, Bad Takes – Season 1, Episode 24

On a very special “Rapid Fire” episode of BMBT, the boys broke down the fortunes of the Sacramento Kings, San Antonio Spurs and Oklahoma City Thunder!

Starting with the Sacramento Kings, the boys debated the merits of guard De’Aaron Fox and whether he gets the recognition he deserves, and the answer was pretty much unanimous.


“It’s a shame he plays for an inept franchise”, Rafe said. “He’s got all the skills you need to be elite, but just doesn’t get any national TV attention and the casual fan doesn’t care about the Kings”.

The BMBT squad believe Fox is under-appreciated due to playing for the Kings. Credit: ESPN

When talking about the San Antonio Spurs, the largest question revolved around Gregg Popovich and his quest to become the winningest regular season coach in NBA history.

Whether Pop can do it remains to be seen, but Ben painted a rather vivid image of how the event might happen.

“Imagine this”, he said. “Last game of the season, the Spurs win. That is the game that puts Popovich over Nelson. San Antonio fans are going crazy despite having the worst record in the league!”.

Can Gregg Popovich break Don nelson’s regular-season wins record as a Head Coach this season? Credit: Forbes

For the Oklahoma City Thunder, the conversation revolved around new lottery pick Josh Giddey and his potential impact on the squad this season.

Ben believes the biggest issue Giddey faces is the lack of shooters on OKC’s roster to facilitate for, but Rob believes if he can deliver in the NBL, he will have no issues at the next level.

“Roby may not be a great shooter, but are you telling me he isn’t better than Donald Sloan or Daniel Johnson who Giddey was passing to at the 36ers last season?”, Rob said.

“No shade to Johnson, but there is a reason he’s not in the NBA. I think he will be fine with the shooters OKC have.

Lottery pick Josh Giddey could be in for a big rookie season for the Thunder. Credit: Sydney Morning Herald

Listen to the full show podcast to hear the BMBT squads thoughts on where the Kings, Spurs and Thunder finish this season, as well as the SGA and Dort pairing in OKC, who is the most intriguing piece for Sacramento heading into their new campaign, whats Spurs fans can look forward to and more!

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