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Ultimate NBA Fight Card!

Bad Men, Bad Takes – Season 1, Episode 34

On the latest episode of the pod, the boys discussed all the latest news from the last week in the NBA.

The news you may have missed however, and the news that provided the most laughs on the show, was the report that former Utah and Brooklyn guard Deron Williams will be entering the ring to fight former New York Jets running back Frank Gore as part of the upcoming Jake Paul undercard!

This instantly sent the boys into a spin, and the opportunity to discuss their dream NBA match ups for the ring was too good to pass up.

“I’d love to see Kevin Garnett face off against Tim Duncan”, Ben said.

“This would be hilarious because KG always said that he could never trash talk Timmy because Timmy just wouldn’t react. Imagine the pre-fight media availability”.

Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett battled in the NBA for more than a decade, but Ben wants to see them take their rivalry into the ring. Credit: Medium

Rob suggested pitching two pests against each other, naming current Timberwolves guard Patrick Beverley and former journeyman and NBA Slam Dunk Champion Nate Robinson as his dream match-up.

“I mean, Beverley has the reach and a height advantage, but Nate Robinson is super athletic and he can talk with the best of them”, he said.

“Ultimately, the pre-game media would be amazing with these two jawing at one another, and I feel like Nate Robinson has a bit of Kevin Hart about him – could be the funny guy and make it a super entertaining fight”.

Would Nate Robinson’s athletic advantage give him the edge over Patrick Beverley in the ring? Credit: Zimbio

Hunter hands down provided the most laughs though, with the resident fan of everything that happens in the ring going DEEP into the vault to make his ultimate NBA Fight Card, right down to broadcasting rights, venues, commentary teams and more!

Listen to the full show podcast to hear Hunter’s full NBA Fight Card, as well as the boys discuss the latest on Phoenix Suns Owner Robert Sarver being investigated by the NBA, the teams that have continued to impress them in the last week and more!

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