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Washington Wizards 2021/2022 Season Preview – The Last Domino to Fall

Bad Men, Bad Takes – Season 1, Episode 8

Everyone in the NBA world knows it….except Bradley Beal that is….

It was unanimous on the pod that the Wizards enter the season with their final domino, Beal, needing to be traded in order to start a fully-fledged rebuild of one of the most disappointing franchises of the last decade.

Yes, there have been good moments with the Wall/Beal combination, but none that ever elevated Washington to a point where they could be considered legitimate contenders. To do that, they need to stop existing in NBA purgatory (the mid/late lottery) and enter a full on rebuild in an attempt to acquire elite young talent and start again.

Bradley Beal looms as the last domino to fall before the Wizards enter a full rebuild. Credit: Geoff Burke – USA TODAY Sports

“I feel like teams are ringing the Wizards going ‘are you ready now?….no?… about now?….no….ok, speak next week”, Rob said speaking of a potential Beal deal.

“He’s the last piece that needs to go before this team falls off a cliff and can truly lean into tanking and starting over”

There have been some crafty moves in the off-season, however, to try and re-tool this team and keep it relevant in the East. Most notably the acquisitions of Kyle Kuzma, Montrezl Harrell and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope as part of the Westbrook trade, and the signing of Spencer Dinwiddie.

Even those additions are perceived as issues though, according to Hunter .

“He (Dinwiddie) was speaking to NCBS saying ‘I’m not Wall, I’m not Westbrook, I’m not as good as them, I’m just me’ and I’m like, dude, what am I supposed to get excited for when you say that?” he said.

“We know you’re not those players, but at least play the part and hype it up”.

“They open their season against the Raptors in Toronto and they haven’t seen live basketball since before Covid, so I’ll watch that for the atmosphere, but I might not watch another Wizards game next season and Dinwiddie seems to agree that they won’t be worth watching”.

Kyle Kuzma (left) and Montrezl Harell (right) have been brought into Washington in an attempt to keep the Wizards relevant this season – will it work? Credit: Getty Images

None of the team are high on the Wizards coming into the season, with the absolute best result looming as a potential play-in match-up for the second straight season.

Listen to the full show podcast to hear the teams predictions, thoughts on a Beal trade, why on earth Bertans has a player option, the impact of Kuzma and KCP, as well as how motivated Harrell will be to perform in a contract year!

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